Mexican movie poster El fanfarrón (1938)The Archive's holdings include large collections of advertising material:  posters, lobby cards, window cards, handbills; scene and production stills, photographic negatives and prints, transparencies; publicity materials addressed to distributors and exhibitors, and other related items.  It also holds a large array of periodical publications and magazines published in Mexico, as well as some historical artifacts.  All fictional genres of Mexican cinema are represented: comedy, rural and urban dramas; action and adventure; historical and religious; horror and science fiction, etc.  The majority of items on file correspond to the period that extends from 1931 to 1991.  The Archive does not hold a film library in large formats (16mm or 35mm).

Special collections.

Besides de above mentioned collections, the Archive contains special sets of documents/artifacts.  A key resource is the Clasa-Mohme Papers and Records, which is a group of original documents belonging to one of the most important U.S. distributors of Mexican films.  These papers and records cover the years 1942-1960 and contain the business correspondence of Clasa-Mohme's office in San Antonio, Texas. Also included are the box-office reports for many Spanish-language theatres, most of them located in Texas.  Non-theatrical records, of academic and religious institutions that showed Mexican movies, are likewise part of this collection.

Other special items came from the estates of Mexican film producer Jesüs Grovas; Mr. Rudolph Calles (nephew of film pioneer Guillermo Calles's); actor/director Carlos Villatoro; actress Esther Fernández, and entertainer Lita Enhart.

In addition, records of interviews made by Agrasánchez are kept.  Among the interviewees are: directors Alejandro Galindo and Alfredo Crevenna; actors Roberto Cañedo, Tito Guízar, Esther Fernández, Lupita Tovar and Lilia del Valle; producer/director Raúl de Anda; producer/director Miguel Zacarías and his son, Arq. Miguel Zacarías Jr.; producer Rogelio Agrasánchez Sr.; researcher and author David Maciel, etc.  Also, interviews to several movie poster artists and his relatives are in record:  Marco Antonio Echeverría, Leopoldo Mendoza and his wife; Armando Martínez Cacho, Ruy Renau (Josep Renau's son), and others.

Interesting as well is a collection of more than 1,000 photographs taken by noted Mexican artist Jesús Magaña, which offers a unique glimpse into the world of movie actors and stage performers of 1970s.

Finally, a painstakingly compiled set of production stills and behind-the-scenes shots of actors, directors, producers, staff and journalists tell its own story about the activities of several Mexican film studios from the 1930s to the 1980s. 

Magazine cover, Cinema Reporter     Letter from Texas exhibitor Stout Jackson     Falfurrias, Texas, movie theatre record     Movie still from La virgen de la sierra (1938)


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