Mexican film advertising: art & business

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Mexican film advertising material is unique.  Though originally conceived as ephemera, its intrinsic cultural and artistic values made it transcend the role of mere propagandistic tools.  Movie posters, window and lobby cards, as well as promotional pictures and movie stills are now appreciated by graphic designers, film historians, artists, art aficionados, collectors, and the general public.


Mexican film publicity was created by talented illustrators, photographers, and artists.  Some of them remained anonymous.  Some were well-known in the field, like Antonio Vargas Ocampo and son Juan Antonio Vargas Briones; Leopoldo Mendoza, Francisco Cerezo, Heriberto Andrade.  Also, famous names in various artistic fields took part in the making of film advertising.  Among them, caricaturists like Ernesto García Cabral, Eduardo Urzáiz, and Antonio Arias Bernal; Spanish exiles Josep and Juanino Renau, José Espert, Ernesto Guasp, and Francisco Rivero Gil; and photographers Gabriel Figueroa, Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Luis Márquez, Simon Flechine 'Semo', and Agustín Jiménez, who took movie stills and promotional pictures that can be considered as works of art. 


This section features articles about the artistic and business aspects of Mexican film advertising.




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