Unsung Film Pioneers

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This section is devoted to those men and women who laid the foundations of Mexican film industry, as well as the Hispanic pioneers that made movies in the United States during the silent era and the first years of sound film. Armed more with enthusiasm and talent than with money and lavish studios, they succeed in satisfying the needs of Spanish-speaking moviegoers that wanted movies made especially for them. Though many of them are almost forgotten nowadays, their legacy is still there. 

Un yaqui en Hollywood: Esteban Clemente y su singular técnica

Agustina López, a Mexican Yaqui in Hollywood

Roberto Turnbull: el cinefotógrafo de Carranza

Elena Sánchez Valenzuela: pionera de los archivos fílmicos en México

Guillermo Calles:  the first Mexican in Hollywood



Águila:  pioneer dog actor of Mexican cinema bilingual English/Spanish