Rumberas of Mexican cinema: a photo gallery

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One cannot imagine the Mexican cinema of the Golden Age without rumberas, those dazzling women that danced to Caribbean rhythms in a way that mesmerized moviegoers. Girls imitated their steps at home, fancying themselves Ninón Sevilla or María Antonieta Pons, while some young women copied their hairstyles and make-up. Needless to say, the male element of the audience worshiped them. Of course, not all people liked rumberas; they were anathema for decency leagues, the Catholic church, and the like.

Rumberas were more handsome than classically beautiful; energy and passion emanated from them. They danced, and sometimes did it in an almost frantic way; but their abilities were not restricted to stepping. These ladies could play dramatic or comedic roles, and did it well. Ninón Sevilla's performances in films like Sensualidad and Aventurera are memorable, for instance. Amalia Aguilar was known for her pep, while Meche Barba was able to display a wide range of emotions. María Antonieta Pons was dubbed el ciclón del Caribe , and Rosa Carmina had an imposing personality. Lilia Prado was great in Rumba caliente, and many other artists delighted moviegoers with their terpsichorean skills. All of those ladies brightened the silver screen along two decades.

Let's enjoy a gallery in homage to the unforgettable rumberas del cine mexicano.