Mexican movies in the United States

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Mexican movies were an important part of the everyday life of thousands of Spanish-speaking immigrants and Mexican Americans.  Since the silent era until the late 1980s, those films provided moviegoers with the opportunity to experience a bit of their language and culture.  At some point, more than 600 venues screened Mexican films in the United States on a regular basis.

This section features articles related to the distribution, exhibition and reception of Mexican movies in this country. In some cases, the articles also approach early filmmaking by Mexican and Hispanics in the United States.

Memories of Mexican movie theaters in Falfurrias and Kingsville, Texas (.pdf)

Viaje redondo: el cine mudo mexicano en los Estados Unidos 1900-1930


Early filmmaking in Tucson, Arizona


A resource for the study of the exhibition of Mexican films in the United States: the Clasa-Mohme and Azteca Film Papers