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Since most movies are made to be watched by the general public, any serious attempt to write film history should include the moviegoing experience.

Taking moviegoers into account does not limit to numbers and statistics, but refers to their actual tastes, experiences, social interaction derived from going to the movies; influence of films in everyday life, and so on.

Do not let your moviegoing experiences be lost in oblivion.  Share them!  You have many ways to do that: 

  • write you recounts and give a copy to your local historic association;
  • participate in an oral history program;
  • make drawings of the theaters you use to attend to, of the actors you liked most, or of a movie scene that particularly impressed you;
  • if you have photographs related to your moviegoing experiences, have them scanned;
  • take part in the Agrasánchez Archive's moviegoing records program.

If you have questions, comments, or a story and/or image to share, please write us:



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There are some Mexican film history projects by independent researchers that are in need of funding; all of them are nearly completed, and the funds will be used to publish the works.

Also, a few Mexican and Hispanic orphan films are waiting for rescue.

In case you are interested in contributing to one of those projects, please ask for more information: